What Year Is my Cart Columbia

What Year is My Columbia ParCar/Harley Davidson® Golf Cart?

Here are a few common spots to locate your serial number:

  1. Mega- Glove Box, under the steering wheel cover, kick panel ,front dash panel.
  2. Eagle- Under steering wheel cover, passenger side upper foot rest area.
  3. Summit SUV- Under steering wheel cover, on vehicle nameplate, in driver side glove box.
  4. NEV- Under steering wheel cover, headlight cover ledge, top of front body, on nameplate.
  5. Harley/Columbia Vehicles- Stamped on left rear frame above axle (See image below). You can also use the handy solenoid map listed under the serial number chart to use your solenoid configuration to determine the year/model of your cart.

Columbia® Serial Number Prefix And Model Chart

The following is a table showing identification numbers, type and model of Harley/Columbia ParCar Golf Carts. If you have ANY questions contact us at anytime 7 days a week @ 888-444-9994

model Year Type
1963 -1969 DXXXX 3 Wheel Gas
DEXXX 3 Wheel Electric
1970-1979 Hx
3b 3-Wheel Gas D3
4B 3-Wheel Electric DE3
7C 4 Wheel Gas D4
8C 4-Wheel Electric DE4
8D 4-Wheel Electric DE-40 76-78
1980-1982 Jx
3B 3-Wheel Gas D3
4B 3-Wheel Electric DE3
7C 4 Wheel Gas D4
3K 4 Wheel gas D4 80's classic
8D 4 Wheel electric MG1V Challenger
5K 4 Wheel Gas DX4 '82
1983-1989 C3-C9
3B 3-Wheel Gas D3
4B 3-Wheel Electric DE3
5K 4-Wheel Gas DX4
6K 4-Wheel Electric DEX4
7K Gas Utility
8K Electric Challenger
9K Electric Utility DE4
2L 4-Wheel Gas P4G
3L 4-Wheel Electric P4E
1990-1995 Dx  
2L   4-Wheel Gas P4G
3L   4-Wheel Electric
5K   4-Wheel Gas Classic
6K   4-Wheel Electric Classic
7K   4-Wheel Gas Utility
9K   4-Wheel Electric Utility
2M   4-Wheel Electric Shuttle
3M   4-Wheel Gas Shuttle
1996- present    
BE   4-Wheel Gas
4E   4-Wheel Electric
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